Why “Just Do It” Is Bad Business Advice

Why "Just Do It" Is Bad Business AdviceBusiness owners are repeatedly told not to let fear stand in their way.

They’re encouraged to ignore any excuses, overcome procrastination and disregard obstacles that keep them from moving forward.

Some even ridicule the doubts and fears entrepreneurs feel when bringing their gifts to market. And they tell us certain actions just need to be taken whether we like it or not.

But here’s why it’s wise to ignore anyone who tells you to ignore how you feel …

… because how you feel is a signal of whether you’re lined up for success or not.

That’s a signal you’d be wise to pay attention to and work with.

Moving forward without alignment won’t take you where you want to go.

What that means is:

  • if you doubt the value of your offer;
  • if you wonder whether people will be receptive to your work;
  • if you worry about pulling the trigger
  • if you have a hunch the time isn’t right
  • if you detest the action you’re “supposed” to take

… your feelings rule the day every time.

It isn’t what you do that matters as much as it is how you feel.

We live in an energy-based world, not an action-based one. Your conscious attention literally alters the atoms around you that make up your world. As you think, so shall it be.

How you feel is an indicator of what you’re vibrating. And whatever frequency you’re sending is what you’ll create. So if you move forward in fear or doubt, you’re not gonna like those results.

Taking the time to line up the vibrations to cue up success is a smart business strategy.

It will inspire you to the most supportive actions that make all the difference in getting the results you want in your business.

Rather than moving forward in the face of misaligned vibrations, your time is better spent aligning your thoughts and feelings to success before you take any action.

Abraham says, “Procrastination is the wisdom not to force anything you’re not vibrationally ready for.”

So don’t beat yourself up (or let anyone else make you feel bad) for not taking action when you’re not fully aligned to success yet.

Just make sure you’re doing your part to manage the vibration so you’re getting dialed on success.

Yes, it is true that sometimes ‘just doing something’ makes us feel better. (More hopeful, optimistic or expectant.) If that’s your ticket to a more aligned vibration, then by all means go for it! It is a valid form of adjusting your energy.

Just know that vibration management is your best ticket to success.

What does that mean exactly?

You can work with the vibration by

  • getting used to the idea of rockin’ it out
  • becoming familiar with the feelings of success
  • seeing victory in your mind’s eye before it plays out in 3D world
  • tending to the gremlin voices that whisper doubts in your mind by
  • growing the voice that says “I can” instead
  • finding the actions that feel authentic and enjoyable, rather than believing others who say “this is how it has to be done.”

As you take the time to do the inner work, your outer results will be much more satisfying.

Vibrational marketing is a savvy business owners’s secret weapon for success.

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