When You Want More Clients

when you need more clientsWhen you want more clients, love the ones you’ve got. The Morning Coach reminds us the power of giving our best to just a few …

It’s easy to feel discouraged when our work isn’t reaching the big audience we know it deserves …

… no blog comments, going days at a time with no hits to the site, sending out a newsletter to 20 people (most of which are friends, family or colleagues) – it can be a little challenging to stay enthused about delivering our work when our audience seems nonexistent.

The best piece of advice I heard on this subject was from a panelist at a blogger’s conference. 

The Morning Coach said, “Even if you’ve only got 12 people, love your 12.  Look at what Jesus did with his 12.

He’s right.

Even if you only have a dozen customers, readers or subscribers – love your 12.  Treat them like gold and give them the best you’ve got.

When you do that, it won’t take long before a small handful grows into a thriving tribe – and who knows, maybe a world-changing movement. It starts with the first few.

Love them up proper and together you’ll go far.

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