What You Should Be Doing

what should I be doing for my business?It’s a typical question for solopreneurs to ask when we’re working on growing the business: “What should I be doing?”

We wonder whether we should spend more money on ads, step up the blog post promotions, tweak the sales pages, get more interviews, or whatever else we think we’re supposed to be doing.

The question implies that there’s a right or wrong way for us to spend our time; as if there was a formula to success that we’d be wise to follow.

Indeed, there IS a formula to follow but it’s not the one you might be thinking …

Your highest success doesn’t arise from what you do. Rather, it comes from what you vibrate.

In that sense, what you “should” be doing next is whatever you enjoy most.

Because good things come from good vibes.

Wherever you find the most fun, wherever you feel the strongest call, whatever appeals to you the most – that’s what you should be doing next.

When we lead with what inspires us the most, we flow the vibration that allows our highest success.  And we also happen to have a good time in the process!

“Should” is an easy trick to fall for, so it’s important to remember that it doesn’t serve us to do what we don’t love.  (“There are no happy endings to unhappy journeys,” reminds Abraham.)

Remember that next time you wonder what you should be doing next …

… the best answer is whatever you’d enjoy most.

If you have trouble honoring that (which some do because we’re so highly trained to believe we must struggle our way to the payoff), the next best answer is whatever you believe will make the biggest difference.  But when you know that the world is responding to your vibration, it’s much easier to trust these are the same things – that having fun is what leads to highest success.

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