Transcending Self Sabotage

This post on how entrepreneurs can transcend self sabotage comes from Law of Attraction Business Coach Andrea Conway:

How to Transcend Self SabotageFear of self-sabotage. Nearly every spiritual entrepreneur daring to create a business (or take their work to an expanded level) experiences it. Yet, it’s rarely the barrier you think it is.

Most of us can remember times in our lives when we believe we sabotaged ourselves. Maybe we attracted an opportunity we truly desired, then got sick and couldn’t pursue it. Or maybe we blew our big chance by not performing at our best.

I still remember being chosen as one of two students in my high school senior class to participate in a contest created by the National Council of Teachers of English. Competing as one of the best felt so unnerving to me that I gave rushed and careless answers in my haste to be done with the ordeal.

Because of these universal early experiences, most of us decide we have a self-sabotaging part of ourselves that wants to hold us back. This part of ourselves typically gets activated whenever we go for something we’ve never had before – something we may not wholeheartedly believe is possible for us.

Today I often observe the saboteur (as Caroline Myss has named this universal archetype) coming up for my clients whenever they decide to “play a bigger game.” Personally I dislike that phrase, because the tone implies that all you need is willpower to be big and get what you want (or go home, a loser). But in reality the saboteur trumps willpower nearly every time – ask any dieter.

How do we transcend self sabotage?

Thankfully we see people succeeding all the time –  in spite of the universal saboteur. The key to transcending self-sabotage consciously as spiritual entrepreneurs is: understanding self-sabotage from a spiritual perspective.

Often the saboteur first shows up as fear. Fear that no one will buy your product. Fear that people will post nasty reviews of your book on Amazon. Fear that you aren’t good enough to deliver as a coach, healer or teacher.

Fear triggers thoughts such as “I can’t do this” and “I don’t want to go through with this, it’s not worth the stress.”

Many teachers remind us that we don’t have to believe our own thoughts.

Abraham-Hicks says any thought that feels bad is never in alignment with the universe. Just remembering that bad-feeling thoughts have no spiritual truth to them is often enough to create a wedge of sanity that slows down the cascade of fearful “who-do-you-think-you-are-you’ll-never-do-this” thoughts.

Once sanity has a toehold we can further re-mind ourselves that the universe is on our side. That it wants for us what we want for ourselves. That success is a quality of spirit and ours by divine birthright.

Because we innately possess all of the qualities of spirit: success is our true destiny.

We transcend self-sabotage by:

1) Remembering that fear shows up to remind us where we have let ourselves be stopped in the past. Fear serves us by making it clear what the barrier has been and giving us an opportunity to respond differently.

2) Understanding we don’t have to give up at this point and spiral down into the negative belief  we can’t have what we want. We aren’t being told “no” by the universe because its pure positive energy doesn’t express no, only yes. The universe doesn’t sabotage us, it only loves and supports us.

The part of ourselves that’s saying no is our mind, and we don’t have to believe it. Our own minds, giving in yet again to the old programmed beliefs in our vulnerability and imperfection, are what sabotage us.

3) Re-minding ourselves that we as divine creators with the ability to choose what we think. We have the power to choose to believe in our success and move forward – just because we have decided this is what we want.

Self-sabotage is an ancient human imprint. Inside all of us spiritual entrepreneurs is the ability to choose our divine power. There’s nothing to fear, only a new decision to be made.

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