The Vibration of Copyrights

the Vibration of CopyrightsSome LOA savvy business owners wonder whether they should take steps to protect their work from being stolen or copied.

Conscious creators know we get what we focus on, so trying to guard our material from others may very well bring about the exact opposite results we want.

And yet, is it wise to incorporate absolutely no protections whatsoever into our products and original material?

Here’s what Abraham has to say about it:

You might say … there’s something unethical about [people ripping me off], and we say anytime you look at someone else and decide to call them unethical or inappropriate, you’re having an upstream thought.

If copyright issues are making you crazy, then you’re out of alignment and your good can’t come to you. If you find a way of coming into alignment, then your good will come to you with or without copyright protection.

Protection is always upstream, every single time.  There is no possible way to make protection turn downstream, because in every case you are focused upon what you are protecting yourself from, and it’s an upstream thought.

That’s Abe says on the issue, but last time I looked Esther Hicks was still using a copyright warning on her subscription CDs.

I think the answer, as always, is to find what feels best to you.

Whatever action you choose to take, do your best to focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want.

Because the vibration always rules – not the action.

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