Smarter Questions Yield Higher ROI

ask smarter questions for business successVibrational marketing is all about honoring and upgrading the energy that’s flowing in your business.

It’s not about getting things done …

… but rather enjoying the process.

So next time you’re working on your newest project or event, consider upgrading the questions you use to progress through it.

Instead of asking:

  • “What would work better?” replace it with
  • “What would I enjoy more?” or “What would be more fun?”

Instead of …

  • “How does everyone else do this?” try
  • “What would be a delightful way to do this?”

Instead of …

  • “What am I supposed to be doing now?” ask
  • “What would be fabulous next?”

Because our success isn’t best landed by figuring things out or strategizing every move. We get good results when we flow good vibes.

That’s why Bashar reminds us to “follow your highest excitement” and Abraham suggests we “get happy now.”

Whatever you put out is what you get back. So when you invest struggle and effort and “supposed to” actions in your business, that’s what you get more of – no matter how logical or proven your plan was.

When you invest love and joy and delight in your business, that’s what you get back.

The vibrational marketer’s way to success is to orient your time to joy, fun, delight and anything else good. It guarantees a much better return on your investment.

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