Re Your Success – Get Used to It

Your Success - Get Used To ItYour primary job as a conscious creator is to get used to the idea of your success.

Let it become a familiar thought, a feeling you know well.

Entertain visions of what it looks like and imagine how it feels. What does it sound like? Can you put yourself in that picture of success? How delicious is it?

If you doubt yourself or your potential, if you harbor worries about failure, when you engage fantasies of doom and gloom, you hold your business hostage to your misapplied manifesting powers.

Instead point your mind where you prefer to go. Use your focusing skills to dial in on dreams coming true.

The better you are at getting used to ideas of your success, the quicker it comes.

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One Response to Re Your Success – Get Used to It

  1. marilyn says:

    Thank you Jeannette xxx I do so enjoy your words… a real cutie you are. Just read a post by you from 2010 on Selling Your House … thank you, thank you. I’ve allowed this current Pluto hammering my Moon (in the 8th house no less!) thingy (yes it has been big) to bring me down, to defeat me. Oh I’m sure there’s been some places to revisit, yucky health issues to contend with and not so pleasant people to deal with, pretty much the whole deal. Pluto never does things in halves. But I make the decisions about how I feel, what I allow into myself… and I’ve allowed them to drive me down, not a good idea. Yep certain times do seem a little more stretching than the norm, but they’re stretching for a reason, to move me out of my ‘old’ self. I lost my trust and faith. Thank you for helping me back… much love to you xxx

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