Marketing You Can Be Proud Of

marketing you can be proud ofWhy is that so many spiritual-based entrepreneurs have no love for marketing their business?

It’s not so much that they don’t want to let others know who they are and what they’re up to –

– it’s more that traditional marketing methods can be off-putting. Things we’d never want to put our name on, like …

  • Leveraging false scarcity (“Only 20 seats left!”; “expires at midnight tonight!”)
  • Pain or problem-based messaging (Top 10 Reasons Your Website Sucks)
  • Making outrageous claims (Make Six Figures on Your Next Launch, Even with No List and No Budget)
  • Over the top communication (red text filled with exclamation points and alternating yellow highlights designed to alarm us into action)
  • Forced opt ins (aka squeeze pages, where you get nothing until you hand over your email)
  • Emotionally manipulative copywriting (“Ignore this opportunity at your own peril”)
  • Inundating inboxes with a bazillion emails reminding this is our “last chance”

Who wouldn’t be turned off with techniques like that? Continue reading

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Live Into It

Live Into Your Future Successful SelfAt the heart of vibrational marketing is the ability to feel now how you would feel then. (When your business success is manifested.)

For some that instruction can be a little esoteric or abstract.

Here’s an easy way to tune into the vibration that allows your best success to unfold …

Take a minute to get quiet and comfortable while you relax your mind. Take several deep breaths as you let go of the cares and concerns of the day. Feel the stress leaving your body as you relax completely for this mental visit to your future …

In this relaxed state, invite yourself to fast forward to your future successful self. Time travel in your mind to 5, 10 or 20 years out (whatever feels most appropriate) to visit with your future self. Continue reading

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Don’t Try to Grow Your Biz

Don't try to grow your businessIf you’ve been trying to build your business, you might want to stop that.

Because you can’t get to your successful end result while flowing a contrary energy.

‘Trying to grow your business’ is a very different frequency than ‘enjoying a successful business.’

And I’m guessing the second one is much closer to what you’re wanting.

Take a second to tune in to what it feels like with what you’re doing with your business now …

Does it feel like struggle or hard work? A lot of effort? Serious doubt? Figuring things out and lots of analysis? Maybe frustration, yearning or striving? Continue reading

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The Vibration of Copyrights

the Vibration of CopyrightsSome LOA savvy business owners wonder whether they should take steps to protect their work from being stolen or copied.

Conscious creators know we get what we focus on, so trying to guard our material from others may very well bring about the exact opposite results we want.

And yet, is it wise to incorporate absolutely no protections whatsoever into our products and original material?

Here’s what Abraham has to say about it:

You might say … there’s something unethical about [people ripping me off], and we say anytime you look at someone else and decide to call them unethical or inappropriate, you’re having an upstream thought.

If copyright issues are making you crazy, then you’re out of alignment and your good can’t come to you. If you find a way of coming into alignment, then your good will come to you with or without copyright protection.

Protection is always upstream, every single time.  There is no possible way to make protection turn downstream, because in every case you are focused upon what you are protecting yourself from, and it’s an upstream thought.

Continue reading

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Success Is Sourced in Joy

Abundance follows JoyThe other night when Anderson Cooper interviewed Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl we learned the key to Dave’s success:

He loves what he does.

Phrases used to describe his work include:

  • exceeded all expectations
  • massive success
  • catapulting to worldwide stardom
  • staple of rock music

Get a load of this excerpt from his wiki page:

“Between October 2002 and March 2003 Grohl was in the number one spot on the Modern Rock charts for 17 of 18 successive weeks, as a member of three different groups.”

Wowza. That’s a guy who’s got a handle on success. Continue reading

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