How to Stay on Track

How to Stay on Track with Vibrational MarketingIt’s one thing to know the principles of vibrational marketing.

It’s another to live them.

One of the most common comments from business owners aspiring to engage these ideas is that it’s challenging to keep the practice alive under daily stresses.

How do we create enough consistency in our vibe management to move the dial?

Here are five ways to stay on track with the practices that make all the difference to your biz success:

1. Immerse in the material

While it is possible to regularly tune in to conscious creation content without ever putting it into practice, it can be a helpful advantage to get consistent input about the core concepts of managing focus and energy.

Anything that makes it feel more normal and familiar is good. Just be sure it lives beyond the pages, video clips and audio tracks for you. Bring to life what you’re studying.

2. Implement scheduled ‘minders’

Make it easy on yourself by setting up external reminders to do the vibrational work. Activate a mindfulness app that prompts you to check in on your signal throughout the day, or go low tech with sticky notes on the mirror.

However you can weave occasional prompts throughout your day, leverage a system that helps you make sure you’re plugging in to the work regularly. Continue reading

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Transcending Self Sabotage

This post on how entrepreneurs can transcend self sabotage comes from Law of Attraction Business Coach Andrea Conway:

How to Transcend Self SabotageFear of self-sabotage. Nearly every spiritual entrepreneur daring to create a business (or take their work to an expanded level) experiences it. Yet, it’s rarely the barrier you think it is.

Most of us can remember times in our lives when we believe we sabotaged ourselves. Maybe we attracted an opportunity we truly desired, then got sick and couldn’t pursue it. Or maybe we blew our big chance by not performing at our best.

I still remember being chosen as one of two students in my high school senior class to participate in a contest created by the National Council of Teachers of English. Competing as one of the best felt so unnerving to me that I gave rushed and careless answers in my haste to be done with the ordeal.

Because of these universal early experiences, most of us decide we have a self-sabotaging part of ourselves that wants to hold us back. This part of ourselves typically gets activated whenever we go for something we’ve never had before – something we may not wholeheartedly believe is possible for us. Continue reading

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Why “Just Do It” Is Bad Business Advice

Why "Just Do It" Is Bad Business AdviceBusiness owners are repeatedly told not to let fear stand in their way.

They’re encouraged to ignore any excuses, overcome procrastination and disregard obstacles that keep them from moving forward.

Some even ridicule the doubts and fears entrepreneurs feel when bringing their gifts to market. And they tell us certain actions just need to be taken whether we like it or not.

But here’s why it’s wise to ignore anyone who tells you to ignore how you feel …

… because how you feel is a signal of whether you’re lined up for success or not.

That’s a signal you’d be wise to pay attention to and work with.

Moving forward without alignment won’t take you where you want to go.

What that means is:

  • if you doubt the value of your offer;
  • if you wonder whether people will be receptive to your work;
  • if you worry about pulling the trigger
  • if you have a hunch the time isn’t right
  • if you detest the action you’re “supposed” to take

… your feelings rule the day every time.

It isn’t what you do that matters as much as it is how you feel. Continue reading

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Re Your Success – Get Used to It

Your Success - Get Used To ItYour primary job as a conscious creator is to get used to the idea of your success.

Let it become a familiar thought, a feeling you know well.

Entertain visions of what it looks like and imagine how it feels. What does it sound like? Can you put yourself in that picture of success? How delicious is it?

If you doubt yourself or your potential, if you harbor worries about failure, when you engage fantasies of doom and gloom, you hold your business hostage to your misapplied manifesting powers.

Instead point your mind where you prefer to go. Use your focusing skills to dial in on dreams coming true.

The better you are at getting used to ideas of your success, the quicker it comes.

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Smarter Questions Yield Higher ROI

ask smarter questions for business successVibrational marketing is all about honoring and upgrading the energy that’s flowing in your business.

It’s not about getting things done …

… but rather enjoying the process.

So next time you’re working on your newest project or event, consider upgrading the questions you use to progress through it.

Instead of asking:

  • “What would work better?” replace it with
  • “What would I enjoy more?” or “What would be more fun?”

Instead of …

  • “How does everyone else do this?” try
  • “What would be a delightful way to do this?”

Continue reading

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