How to Vibrate Clients

How to Vibrate ClientsIf you’re not getting the clients you want, you may be overlooking both the reason and the solution.

When getting customers isn’t going as planned, many entrepreneurs wonder if it’s because their sales page is off. Or their rates are too high. Or maybe it’s the economy. Or perhaps they just aren’t experienced enough to win the business.

That’s not the reason you aren’t getting clients.

We know this because we’ve seen business owners with bad websites, ridiculous fees, and little experience win the business. So those are not the required elements for success.

What is a required element is finding vibrational alignment to getting clients. 

That means if you don’t know what’s like to have clients, or you have trouble imagining it, that’s your obstacle – and also your path to success when you overcome it.

Since we get what we vibrate, if you don’t know how to vibrate clients, you’ll have a tough time getting them.

So how do you vibrate clients?

First of all, stop focusing on not having them. The more you fret and worry about not having enough customers, the more you repel potential business.

Second, get your attention on what you do want. Whether you fantasize, journal, affirm, script, use a vision board, or just put your focus on someone else’s experience of getting clients – some how some way you’ve got to shift your mindset to offer a new vibrational instruction.

What you focus on is what you experience. So when you find a way to see “tons of perfect clients showing up in droves” that’s what will become true for you.

You’ve just got to be willing to change your dial before it’s your reality.

And that’s how you make it your new reality – by offering a new vibration.


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