How to Stay on Track

How to Stay on Track with Vibrational MarketingIt’s one thing to know the principles of vibrational marketing.

It’s another to live them.

One of the most common comments from business owners aspiring to engage these ideas is that it’s challenging to keep the practice alive under daily stresses.

How do we create enough consistency in our vibe management to move the dial?

Here are five ways to stay on track with the practices that make all the difference to your biz success:

1. Immerse in the material

While it is possible to regularly tune in to conscious creation content without ever putting it into practice, it can be a helpful advantage to get consistent input about the core concepts of managing focus and energy.

Anything that makes it feel more normal and familiar is good. Just be sure it lives beyond the pages, video clips and audio tracks for you. Bring to life what you’re studying.

2. Implement scheduled ‘minders’

Make it easy on yourself by setting up external reminders to do the vibrational work. Activate a mindfulness app that prompts you to check in on your signal throughout the day, or go low tech with sticky notes on the mirror.

However you can weave occasional prompts throughout your day, leverage a system that helps you make sure you’re plugging in to the work regularly.

3. Commit to a habit

Say yes to a daily practice that sets you up for success, whether it’s visualizing before getting out of bed, affirmations on the commute, pray rain journal entries at night, or any other process that helps you line up the vibe.

Pay attention to what feels most enjoyable, so your daily habit doesn’t become rote and ineffective. Change it up over time as required to stay fully engaged and getting the most out of your practice.

4. Join like-minded others

One of the biggest challenges in doing what we know works best is that many of us are surrounded by people who don’t.

You can remedy that by connecting with those who walk the talk of conscious creation and encourage you to do the same. Whether it’s a weekly meetup, a facebook group, spiritual community, online forum, or just friending up a manifesting buddy, hanging out with those who think and live the way you aspire can make it easier to do the same yourself.

5. Teach it to others

Whenever someone asks me the best way to engage the practices of vibration management, I tell them teaching it to someone else is guaranteed to amp your manifesting game.

That could be as simple as sharing about the things you’re learning with a curious spouse or friend, or as extensive as publishing online videos or leading live courses on the subject.

These tips are even more powerful when combined to help you stick with the vibrational marketing tactics you feel most called to.

If you’d like specific suggestions or resources to implement any of the tips here, post in the comments or send an email at

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