From Stress to Success

from stress to success: how to feel what you want nowIf you think you’ll be happy when …

  • you’ve got a line of fabulous clients clamoring for your skills or service, or
  • when your bank account is overflowing with profits, or
  • when the fans are raving about your latest work,

… I’ve got news for you.

Those successes will be little-enjoyed unless you’ve already practiced the vibration of success.

Because what you feel is an inside job. It’s not dependent on the results you create – it’s directly connected to the feelings you’ve been practicing.

Which is why it’s so easy for business owners to shift from their latest success right back into stress. Because stress is what they’re used to. Worrying is what they’ve been practicing.

If you’re stressed out right now about how to create success in your business, and you think this wouldn’t happen to you, I propose that it already has.

Each of us already has professional successes to feel happy about. All of us. Right now.

Maybe it’s that you heard your calling – you recognized what you want to do with your life. That’s a huge win!

Maybe it’s that you’re clear on what you don’t want to do. That counts, too.

Maybe it’s that you scored the perfect URL for your website. Or that you’ve got an idea what colors you want to use in your logo. Or that you keep meeting people who would benefit from your product or service, so you see the need exists for what you do.

And if you’re ignoring those successes now, you’ll likely dismiss the next one as well, slipping back into old habits of feeling.

The antidote to this very unsatisfying cycle is to conscious cultivate the feelings you prefer:

  • Find things to appreciate about what already is.
  • Give yourself credit for what you’ve already created.
  • Revel in the good news that’s already unfolded.
  • Celebrate the wins – no matter how small – on a regular basis.
  • Get used to the feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment.

If you keep needing the next thing in order to feel better, you’ll find that an unhappy path and an elusive target indeed.

The best way to feel successful is to find it where you already stand.

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