Don’t Try to Grow Your Biz

Don't try to grow your businessIf you’ve been trying to build your business, you might want to stop that.

Because you can’t get to your successful end result while flowing a contrary energy.

‘Trying to grow your business’ is a very different frequency than ‘enjoying a successful business.’

And I’m guessing the second one is much closer to what you’re wanting.

Take a second to tune in to what it feels like with what you’re doing with your business now …

Does it feel like struggle or hard work? A lot of effort? Serious doubt? Figuring things out and lots of analysis? Maybe frustration, yearning or striving?

If you’re flowing any of those vibrations, it’s worth dialing in to something more empowering.

Because those vibrations are not actually growing your business – they are stifling it.  We get what we vibrate, so when you’re tuned into struggle or yearning, your results have to match that energy.

Instead, imagine what it feels like when your business is just what you’ve always dreamed for it … what’s that energy? Delight? Happiness? Satisfaction? Fulfillment?

That’s the vibration you want to flow. And if that feels different than what you’re currently feeling about your biz, that difference represents how you’re holding up progress.

Trying doesn’t feel like succeeding.

So if you’ve been trying to grow your biz, give that a rest for a while and maybe feel its success instead.  It makes all the difference in the world.

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One Response to Don’t Try to Grow Your Biz

  1. Janette says:

    So smart. And I know this works because every time I do what other people think looks like “giving up” – my business gets a lift.

    Every darn time.

    Take a nap – wake up with a new idea which turns into a successful program. Take a service off my website – new client emails me to ask for it. Go overseas for six weeks – get asked to participate in not one but THREE different telesummit type things.

    Those feelings of EASE and RELIEF are pure gold.

    And for me the trick is letting go of any agenda. Because when I take a nap with one eye open, ready to pounce on the new idea; or when I take a service down and eagerly await the email asking ‘where did it go?’; or when I disappear, in the hopes people will chase me…… yeah, those things don’t help so much heheh.

    Love this post!

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