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About Contracts & Legal Agreements

A topic some savvy creators feel conflicted about is how to handle legal docs and contracts in their business. If you are not one who occasionally has trouble feeling out your alignment on this subject, this post is not for you. … Continue reading

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Before You Do Anything …

Before you build your website, before you launch social media campaigns, before you start networking, before you do anything to make your business work … … first do this: get lined up with success. Tune yourself to the frequency of … Continue reading

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Practice the Feeling First

You know what it feels like to want it … (… a thriving business, big profits, raving fans, etc.) Maybe you even know what it feels like to be frustrated about it. You might know the feelings of yearning, striving, … Continue reading

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From Stress to Success

If you think you’ll be happy when … you’ve got a line of fabulous clients clamoring for your skills or service, or when your bank account is overflowing with profits, or when the fans are raving about your latest work, … Continue reading

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Chill Pill for Profits

Jeanna Gabellini offers law of attraction friendly words of wisdom for business owners who work hard to create success and profits: Have you ever thought … “I’m not sure what action to take first? And I’m not sure the action I … Continue reading

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