Are You Allergic to Money?

Repelling money?Are you inadvertently repelling money from your business due to a money allergy?

If your client attraction techniques are working and yet your business isn’t profitable, it might be worth checking to see if you suffer from a money allergy.

We can manifest all the customers, projects and sales we want, but if we haven’t gotten straight with money, we can’t experience the financial abundance we prefer in business profits.

How to know if you’ve got a money allergy?

If you aren’t already experiencing financial prosperity as a business owner, you’re likely experiencing some type of resistance to money.

Whether that derives from old habits (doing too much pro bono work; undercharging for services), limiting beliefs (as in, “it shouldn’t be about the money” or thinking that making money is hard work), or some other reason that causes you to repel money, it’s worth turning that around in order to let your financial intentions manifest. 

Taking the time to create a good relationship money helps drop any resistance you have to receiving it.

You can do that the same way you’d improve any relationship: pay attention to how you think of, speak to (and about), and treat money.

As you get friendly with it, it’ll get friendly with you.

That’s one way to remedy a money allergy.

For additional support in improving your money vibration, check out our upcoming Money Aligner course.

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