About Contracts & Legal Agreements

The Vibration of Contracts and Legal AgreementsA topic some savvy creators feel conflicted about is how to handle legal docs and contracts in their business.

If you are not one who occasionally has trouble feeling out your alignment on this subject, this post is not for you.

But for those of you who feel even minor discomfort in your vibrational background when looking at engaging contracts or even policies and procedures in your business, read on …

Conscious creators know we get what we focus on.

That’s why the vibration of protection is unlikely to serve us very well. Because we just attract exactly what we’re trying to avoid – lawsuits, financial losses, proprietary content breaches, etc.

So trying to ensure what we want by protecting ourselves through legal steps (yes, this includes copyrights and even welcome kits for new coach clients) can be sketchy territory. It’s worth being very conscious and deliberate about what how you choose to operate.

Because if you’re signing something to ensure that X, Y or Z doesn’t happen – you just became a stronger magnet for X, Y and Z happening.

Does that mean you should never sign any agreement or contract ever again?

No. It just means you should pay good attention to the vibration you’re flowing when you do so.

If you’re using a policies and procedures document to require clients to make payment on last minute cancellations, or to try to prevent abuse of a refund policy, or to offer a disclaimer to avoid being sued, you should know that a signature on a piece of paper can’t keep you from any negative vibrations you might be flowing.

The vibration always rules!

Which means it’s worth taking the time to focus on what you do want, rather than trying to prevent what you don’t want through legal signatures and agreements.

The bottom line is that if it feels good, do it.

If it doesn’t feel fabulous to collect a signature on a contract or to make every customer acknowledge receipt of your return policy – either find a way to feel good about it or skip it.

If you worry that you’re not fully protected without certain things outlined in writing, then find a way to feel good about putting them in writing.

You see the common theme here? It’s all about how you feel.

Let that be your guide through decisions about what agreements to use in your business.

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