Vibrational Marketing

Vibrational Marketing is Marketing that WorksReady for a whole new way of doing business?

Vibrational marketing is about leveraging your creative powers to manifest your highest professional success.

Learn how vibrational marketing can transform your business by perusing the posts below …

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About Contracts & Legal Agreements

The Vibration of Contracts and Legal AgreementsA topic some savvy creators feel conflicted about is how to handle legal docs and contracts in their business.

If you are not one who occasionally has trouble feeling out your alignment on this subject, this post is not for you.

But for those of you who feel even minor discomfort in your vibrational background when looking at engaging contracts or even policies and procedures in your business, read on …

Conscious creators know we get what we focus on.

That’s why the vibration of protection is unlikely to serve us very well. Because we just attract exactly what we’re trying to avoid – lawsuits, financial losses, proprietary content breaches, etc.

So trying to ensure what we want by protecting ourselves through legal steps (yes, this includes copyrights and even welcome kits for new coach clients) can be sketchy territory. It’s worth being very conscious and deliberate about what how you choose to operate.

Because if you’re signing something to ensure that X, Y or Z doesn’t happen – you just became a stronger magnet for X, Y and Z happening. Continue reading

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Before You Do Anything …

Do This for Your Business Before You Do Anything ...Before you build your website, before you launch social media campaigns, before you start networking, before you do anything to make your business work …

… first do this:

get lined up with success.

Tune yourself to the frequency of victory. Learn the vibration of profits and happiness and whatever other rewards you want to experience.

Because without that energetic signal in place, your efforts will be misguided.

We get what we vibrate.

That’s what law of attraction is all about – whatever energy you’re sending out is what you’re getting back.

So beginning your business endeavor with the vibration of success well in place ensures that your subsequent inspired actions will pay off handsomely.

Abraham tells us the formula is this simple: “Alignment and then …”

That just means get lined up with what you want vibrationally (i.e. feel now how you would feel then), and then take inspired action.

It truly makes all the difference in the world.

If you’d like more guidance in using this approach for rocking your business, check out the Perfect Client Creator home study course.

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Practice the Feeling First

Practice the Feeling FirstYou know what it feels like to want it …

(… a thriving business, big profits, raving fans, etc.)

Maybe you even know what it feels like to be frustrated about it. You might know the feelings of yearning, striving, or lack.

Our tendency, once we want something, is to figure out how to get it.

But instead first take a moment and practice what it feels like to have it.

Practice feeling fulfilled. Practice the satisfaction of success. Practice what life feels like when it’s already happened.

Tune in to that feeling before you start your day.

And then do what feels best.

That’s vibration management at its core and it changes everything.

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From Stress to Success

from stress to success: how to feel what you want nowIf you think you’ll be happy when …

  • you’ve got a line of fabulous clients clamoring for your skills or service, or
  • when your bank account is overflowing with profits, or
  • when the fans are raving about your latest work,

… I’ve got news for you.

Those successes will be little-enjoyed unless you’ve already practiced the vibration of success.

Because what you feel is an inside job. It’s not dependent on the results you create – it’s directly connected to the feelings you’ve been practicing.

Which is why it’s so easy for business owners to shift from their latest success right back into stress. Because stress is what they’re used to. Worrying is what they’ve been practicing.

If you’re stressed out right now about how to create success in your business, and you think this wouldn’t happen to you, I propose that it already has. Continue reading

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Chill Pill for Profits

Jeanna Gabellini offers law of attraction friendly words of wisdom for business owners who work hard to create success and profits:

Relax your way to profits with law of attraction for businessHave you ever thought …

“I’m not sure what action to take first? And I’m not sure the action I take will get the results I want.”

Here’s a question to remedy that issue:

What do I feel most inspired to do?

If you can let go of what you’re “supposed” to do, you’ll usually have a very clear answer. And it may have nothing to do with business.

I was recently speaking to a client about his business. He had a list of actions to take to reach his goal, but he was tired. Overwhelmed, too.

What he really wanted to do was to spend the rest of his weekday lounging at home. I told him that sounded like a grand idea.

He panicked. “Really? Stay home and chill out when there is so much to do at work?”

Uh … YES! What will make you feel better at the end of the day? If the answer is chilling out, then honor it.

But here’s the dealio on choosing what feels most inspiring … Continue reading

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